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About Us

Guide to Defense Industry Challenging Innovation

We will lead the advanced defense industry based on
technology development and manufacturing ability leading the trend of the times.

Design and Production of
Computer/Display for Electric Field

SeoulStandard is a company that specializes in the development and production of computer and display devices for battlefields, and is taking the lead in advancing the defense industry. We develop and manufacture computer, display, display all-in-one type computers used in defense industry tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, fighter planes, ships and submarines in accordance with customer’s requirements. In addition, we are leading the production of low-cost / high-performance localized parts by importing expensive goods through the localization business of the defense industry.

Optimized Development and Manufacturing Environment

We have established an environment for static electricity prevention and rearrangement that meets international standards, thus securing conditions suitable for the development and manufacture of electronic devices. We are equipped with all kinds of professional measurement equipment (NVIS, luminance, electromagnetic) and production facilities (manufacturing equipment and environmental test equipment) to carry out all activities such as production and environmental tests. We are carrying out systematic business management by structuring specialized teams (Development, Software, FPGA, Quality assurance, Purchasing materials, manufacturing, Management, and Operating costs).

Stable Customer Response

Our headquarters are located in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, and all tasks are carried out, ranging from development, purchasing, manufacturing and quality assurance activities. In addition, the Gumi plant (manufacturing and quality assurance activities) and the Changwon Research Institute (development work) are organized to share manufacturing and development tasks. In addition, we prevent any problems that may arise by analyzing the cause of every situation that may arise when a problem occurs.


Add. Acehighend Tower 9th 3/4 floor, 233, Gasandigital1ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel. 82. 70. 4648. 5500     Fax. 82. 2. 6116. 6133     E-Mail. sstand@sstd.co.kr